About Me - Cassell Clark

I've been a nature enthusiast all my life. My parents took many road trips and taught me that there is so much to see out there in this beautiful world. I've spent many hours with my dad hiking, fishing , and exploring outside. I've always been interested in Rocks, mountains , animals and all kinds of plants. I love to hike and explore and with that comes in play my love for Photography especially nature photography .

I am a cosmetologist by trade and with that I am able to visualize  before and and after. I feel that kind of visualization has helped me to see a shot and know the best way to take it and envision the final product. My love for exploring and photography has led me to an active life as a lot of my shots for my landscapes have required a decent amount of hiking and navigation. I have had the opportunity to live in some beautiful places like Alberta, Canada, Utah,  and now currently in Arizona with my family. This has given me a great  love for the beauty of the area that I live.

I have recently found another interest  which is portrait photography in nature and capturing the person with natural light and the beauty of nature surrounding them. I hope to expand my knowledge, travel and photography all in one and see where that takes me! I'm so thankful for a loving and supportive family who enables me to pursue my passion and interest in photography! 

My Photos